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Question :
How do you find the Bios password or remove it?
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Added on 4/17/2008
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* There is battery on your main board or a key named 'clear-cs'. You can hit this key for cleaning the password or if your main board does not have such a key you can easily 'put put' the battry and then (for both ways) turn on your PC.

* If you are comfortable with messing around with the inside of a computer, then you can do it yourself - otherwise get a computer technician or the local computer whiz to do it. Anyways here goes. After you open up the case, look for the battery on the motherboard, and carefuly remove it from its socket. Then locate the CMOS jumper (it looks like a small plastic thingy on 2 pins with 1 pin beside it, within a 1" of the battery). If you're having trouble looking for it, look in the motherboard manual. After you have found it, carefuly pull straight up on it, and place it on the 2-3 pins(it was on the 1-2 pins). With the battery removed and the jumper moved, turn the computer on, and check to see if you can get into the bios. If you are able to, turn the computer off, put the jumper back on pins 1-2, and put the battery back in. Lastly put the case together and you are done.

* The other answers listed are correct in that removing the battery you can clear your password, but there are some other things that should be said. When removing this battery not only will it remove the password, but it will also reset all BIOS settings to fail-safe defaults so if you have modified settings in the past you may have to modify them again. Also when removing the battery you may also be required to unplug your computer or at least turn off your power supply.

* There are less intrusive ways: Do a google search for "Default Bios passwords" or "Bios password cracker". Bios passwords are very insecure, and they put default passwords in at the factory that will work no matter what. It sure beats taking the battery out.

* Simply remove the computer case and locate the battery on the motherboard. With the computer off remove the battery for 5-10 minutes seconds and replace the battery. Fix the cover back on and power on the computer.

* Some of these answers will break your PC for Good and you will definitely have to bring it to someone with knowledge. Have you tried simple passwords like ADMIN, or nothing(blank) or the manufacturer's name or TECH or something so simple you will cry when you find it! PS most of the time when you reset a BIOS you must manually input all the settings by hand, good luck with that if haven't written them down.

* These are some of the default Bios passwords used with different Bios's, give them a try first. AMI, Award, bios, setup, cmos, concat, AMI_SW (case sensitive), AMI!SW/, AMI?SW/, j262

* The second answer which is resetting the jumper is fine, but do it without taking your battery off from the motherboard. Taking the battery off from motherboard not only erases your passoword but also resets bios. So just perform the jumper part.

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