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Question :
What are some clues that your marriage is in trouble?
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Added on 4/13/2008
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The fact that you are asking is probably a hint that your marriage is indeed in trouble.

The best way to approach it is to confront your partner. Look into the following - Do they seem distracted? Has their behavior changed? Is there some outside stress that is maybe bothering them? Do you suspect an an affair? - and be straightforward in asking.

Finally, just be honest with yourself. A troubled marriage usually is felt by both partners. Can you honestly say you've been completely happy? The answer is probably right in front of you. Good luck!

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My husband and i have been married for 13 years and we have nothing in common. So he says he also has told me that he hasn't forgiven me for some thing i said to him in the past and pretty much he doesn't trust me. He says he does but from the things he says i know very well he doesn't. We have 4 beautiful children together. I've never ever given him any reason not to trust me. I gave him back my wedding ring and told him that we should file for separation. As i started to walk away from him he said babe put this back on because even if we do file for separation you still have to wear this wedding ring. He tells me I love you and and that he loves me but how am I to feel? If anyone can give me any kind of advice it would be greatly appreciated. Muneca


There is much more to this problem I am sure. Cheating is the only reason the other partner cannot usually forgive, but you haven't done this. It sounds like your husband is extremely controlling. By telling you, and I quote, "Babe put this back on because even if we do file for separation you still have to wear this wedding ring." What he is saying is "you're still mine no matter what!" Give him a choice ... marriage counseling or you're leaving. If he refuses to get counseling or if he goes and doesn't try (most men never do or there is simply too much water gone under the bridge between the couple) then it's time to move on. Every person deserves happiness. No marriage is going to 100%, but it's a MUST that two people learn to communicate and get along as best they can. Don't let the fact that your husband and you don't have anything in common. It's up to each of you to hang around friends that do! You could out for dinners, movies, parties or travel if you can. There are a host of things you both can do. If he doesn't try to do any of the above it's all the more reason for you to leave. I suggest a trial separation to give the marriage a chance. Sometimes the couple "can't see the forest for the trees." Meaning, there is just too much going on making one's mind confused to make a good decision one way or the other.

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