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Question :
For couples who break up then get back together how much time after the breakup does reconciliation normally happen?
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Added on 4/11/2008
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It depends on the couple and if both were smart they'd sort out what problems they had before instead of jumping back into the frying pan. If not, it will only lead into another break-up. Problems need to be resolved and until they are they follow you around like a shadow. It could be a couple of weeks to several months before both parties should get back together. Take your time!

Good luck Marcy


I think that makes sense, although it also depends on the reason you two broke up to begin with. If it was something big like cheating you two will never be completely over it, but you can put it past you. If it was something small like a disaggreement or a break to think about stuff to yourself it may only be days. I, at this point in time, am on a break with my boyfriend and I dont think it will take more than three to four days. If you were meant to be together than everything will work out.


It definitely depends on the individual relationship. Before my current relationship, I never understood people who were constantly breaking up (or taking breaks) and getting back together. It didn't seem to me like it could be a very good relationship. But I'm in a situation like that now, and we're absolutely crazy about each other-and I think that's what happens when there's a lot of passion. You're on one end of the swing and then the other. This is our fourth break up/get back together session, and of course by now all of our friends think we're nuts, but we're both very happy with how things are. As far as how long it took, the first time it was three days, the second time it was a day, the third time it was a week and a half and this last time it was about two and a half weeks.

If you get back together, it shouldn't be one person being like "oh i'm so glad to have you back!" and totally in love, and the other one just trying to fill a void in their life by the other person's absence. To be honest, most of my breakups with him are because either him or I are not thinking things through and being immature about handling the relationship. This last time, it was because he dropped the ball on our relationship when he added a full-time class load to his daily life. I got more and more frustrated with his lack of presense, but since we've gotten back together, he's been doing all the little (and big) things he wasn't before.

So, to round it all up, I think it depends on the couple's relationship skills, maturity levels, amount of thought that was put into the breakup, and real feelings for each other that will determine if a break up is actually the end, or if it's a bump along the road. But when and if you do get back together, take it slow. Obviously you can't start over at the beginning, because you have feelings and have already been through a lot, but even so DON'T jump back in the frying pan, as they said in the first response. Right now, I'm "together" with my guy but we aren't official. Take some time to re-establish trust and the friendship, see if things really are working or if it's just the flood of emotions that's driving the reunion. If they really seem to work, then think about calling it official. But never compromise yourself, and never let a guy (or girl) walk back into your life without doing something to show that it's not something to take lightly.

"Just remember that the person you are getting back together with is the same person who, not long before, looked you in your beautiful face, took full stock of you and all your qualities, and told you that he was no longer in need of your company." -He's just not that into you

And if it really is over, read "it's called a breakup because it's broken." Don't waste your time and feelings on someone who doesn't really want them. Find someone who is proud to call you his girl.

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